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Healthy Christians Don’t Hesitate

don't hesitate

Sometimes we hesitate, but God demands we keep moving. Be honest with yourself for a moment—has there been a time when you knew what you were supposed to do, but you stalled? Perhaps it was something God was calling you to do, but you didn’t want to do it. Maybe it was something you needed to do for your marriage, but you weren’t willing to take the step. Or perhaps it was an act of kindness for someone else, yet you seemed to be able to find an excuse. But healthy Christians don’t hesitate. Here’s why.

Truth be told, we all hesitate (or should I say, procrastinate?) often. Though we were taught as kids that first-time obedience is best, we don’t always act until the third, fourth or fifth time we are asked to do something. Perhaps we hesitate because we aren’t sure that doing what we are asked is in our best interest. Or maybe we hesitate because we are already exhausted and can’t fathom conjuring up more energy to be obedient. Or perhaps we just don’t agree with what we are being told to do.

Healthy Christians Don’t Hesitate

In Genesis 19, Lot hesitated to obey. God sent two angels to destroy the perverted city, yet Lot kept delaying. In verse 16 we are told that Lot “tarried” or “lingered.” The literal translation of the word used here in Hebrew stems from the word “what” and literally translates as “what-what?” as though He is questioning what He is being told. Lot delays and expresses doubt over what he is being commanded.

At first, Lot would have sacrificed his own family to protect these messengers from God, but when it came time to leave the city, he questioned God’s command. Sometimes our attachment to this world weigh us down to the point of disobedience to God. However, we know that God is faithful and will deliver His people even when they go astray.

At the end of verse 16 it says, “the angels seized his hand and the hand of his wife and two daughters and rushed them to safety outside the city.”

How is God leading you today and in what ways, if any, are you hesitating to obey? In what ways may you be too attached to this world that it keeps you from following God? Where in your life do you need to experience God’s grace and unending faithfulness; a faithfulness that can restore you when you have gone astray and lead you towards God?

Don’t hesitate: determine what you know you need to do—even write it down—then create a clear plan of action to align yourself with what God wants from you. Then turn your eyes unto the Lord and trust in Him to strengthen you for what He has asked you to do.

Though it may be hard, you’ll never regret being obedient to God.

This article urging us don’t hesitate originally appeared here, and is used by permission.