Can Your Church Be Found?

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Just as your church’s physical location matters, so does your church’s location on the Internet. There are 823,000 monthly searches for “churches near me.” Can your church be found?

When people are looking for a church and they’re scrolling through search results, they are 25% more likely to click on a web address that contains the keyword they are searching for. Having your web address exactly match your church name can mean getting 25% more traffic! Examples of churches doing this right include,, and

There’s only one way to get an exact-match domain name for instant recognition and to be found online–.church domain names.

  • .church gives you instant recognition. 

For new visitors to your website, there’s no room for questioning who you are or what you do. A .church web address gives you instant recognition. With a web address that matches your church name exactly, you get efficient and effective brand messaging every time your church is mentioned online or in-person., for example, blends its mission to “put faith in action” with a domain that is not only memorable, but also on-brand. and are other examples of churches who have leveraged a .church domain as part of their rebranding strategy. 

  • .church is trusted.

.church is trusted by some of the most well-known and respected churches, including and In fact, more than 30% of churches on the Outreach 100 lists use .church and tens of thousands of other churches, regardless of their size, age, and denomination, also use .church to connect with people online and spread the word of the Gospel.

  • .church is SEO-optimized.

.church domain names allow for valuable keywords on both the left and right side of the dot. The word church is already a strong keyword, paired with the name of your brand, the city or municipality where you’re located, or your denomination will make for a shorter, keyword-rich domain name that’s search-friendly and SEO-optimized. is the perfect example of this—Nampa, ID is the location, Catholic is the denomination, and .church makes it immediately evident that this is a church website. Another strong example is Keywords baked into your domain send a strong signal to search engines and help churches rank higher in relevant search results—translating to more website visits and higher engagement. 

  • .church is secure.

Your web address brings people to your church. But, if you’re not careful, it could also lead them to an undesirable destination, to being lost in cyberspace, to a broken link, or worse, a phishing site or even something obscene. By using confusingly similar Unicode letters and characters, hackers can spoof your domain name, then use this lookalike for fraudulent phishing schemes. When you register a .church domain, all potential malicious variations of your domain name are automatically blocked, preventing hackers from registering false, lookalike names and using them against you.

  • .church helps bring people together.

For a world in need of hope, a .church domain lights the way for people to find the community and connection they’re looking for. is among the largest, fastest, and most reproducing churches on the Outreach 100 list—bringing community together at scale. On the other hand, is a small, New York-based church focused on bringing together its neighborhood community. Whether people seek a church, youth organization, serving opportunity, or spiritual content, the path to finding you is increasingly simple with a .church domain.

Be found with a .church domain name

Equipped with a memorable, inviting domain name, you’re ready to bolster your online presence with a church website, too. The following website builders make it easy to build a website using your .church domain: 

Ready to strengthen your online presence and be found online? Get your .church domain today

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