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25 Leadership Nuggets from Ron Edmondson

leadership nuggets

Here are twenty-five leadership nuggets I’ve learned over decades of ministry and church leadership – many of them the hard way.

25 Leadership Nuggets

If you know the answer is no, say it now. Don’t give people false hopes for a yes or maybe that isn’t coming.

The more a leader says “I”, the less the team will feels like a “we”. Equally, if it’s “my” team then it will always be dependent on “me”.

Trust is the fuel of healthy relationships and healthy teams. Guard it well.

The words of a leader carry great weight. Don’t release them without thinking about them.

If the building is on fire get people out quickly. But remember, if you panic others will panic. Leaders develop a calm under pressure posture.

Make sure what you control is vision critical. You limit what (and who) you control .

Leaders of character don’t build themselves up by tearing others down.

Few people consider how they will sustain growth. Growth, sustainability and succession should be considered simultaneously.

You can’t lead at the highest level if you manage at every level.

People can’t see what you see if they don’t sit where you sit.

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