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Outreach Checklist: 7 Church Growth Paradigms

3. Avoid wasting energy

This one is similar, but when something is working put fuel into it. Put all cylinders on go. Momentum feeds momentum. Yes, in keeping the previous one this means you’ll have to ignore a few things to do the very best things. You have to learn the value of saying no to things which simply waste energy and time. Usually the most energy needs to be in a few key places at a time. Never fail to capitalize on those important moments in time.

What is simply taking too much time and effort for too few results? There are often programs and activities that, while we like them, they do very little to get us closer to achieving our vision. As leaders we have to “lead” people to better realities than this.

4. Embrace change

You have to live in the tension of change if you want to experience growth. Change is never popular with everyone, but when you resist it, you are resisting the opportunity to grow. More of the same may be comfortable, but it seldom produces the excitement necessary for growth.

What is a change you know you need to lead people to make, but you’ve been afraid to walk by faith into it? (Read Nehemiah again – or Acts 10. Think about how scared Peter must have been to walk into new territory.)

5. Make hard decisions

Don’t be naive. Change may bring momentum – and hopefully growth, but as exciting as that can be not everyone will be excited about it. If you are going to achieve the vision you’ll have to be willing to stand the test of time. It won’t be easy. With some decisions you make you’ll be choosing who buys into the vision and who doesn’t – even who sits in the pews the next week. Be willing to make the hard decisions and you’ll keep the church open to idea of growth.