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Can You Recognize the Enemies of Organizational Health?

4. Sinfulness

Healthy organizations are not perfect (and we all sin), but it doesn’t matter if it is gossip or adultery – sin ravages through the integrity of the organization.

When moral corruption enters the mix, and is not addressed, the health of an organization will soon suffer. This is why it is so important a leader stays healthy spiritually, relationally and physically.

5. Sluggishness

Change is an important part of organizational health. In a rapidly changing world, organizations must act quickly to adapt when needed.

Some things never change, such as vision and values, but the activities to reach them must be fluid enough to adjust with swiftness and efficiency.

6. Stubbornness

There are some things to be stubborn about, such as vision and values. But when the organization or its leaders are stubborn about having things “their way” or resistant to adopt new methodologies, the health of the organization will suffer.

Most people struggle to follow stubborn leadership, especially when it’s protecting self-interest rather than organizational interests.

7. Structure

As much as we need structure, and even though we should always be working to add better structure, bad structure can be damaging to organizational health.

When people feel they are being controlled by rules, more than empowered by their individuality and passions, progress is minimized and growth stalls. People become frustrated under needless or burdensome structure.


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