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Can You Recognize the Enemies of Organizational Health?

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I love organizational health. I have been healthy and unhealthy – and while I learned in both – without question I prefer healthy.

If truth be told I’ve probably been the leader in both. Plus, there are seasons when every organization is healthier than others.

Over the years of leading, I’ve observed a few things which can be an enemy of organizational health. They keep health from happening and, if not dealt with, can eventually destroy an organization – even a local church.

7 Enemies of Organizational Health

1. Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to creating a healthy organization. I’ve known leaders who think they can read a book, attend a conference, or say something persuasive enough so everything turns out wonderful.

Organizational health is much more complicated. Success is not earned through a simple, easy-to-follow formula. It takes hard work, diligence and longevity to move things forward in an organization. Leaders must be committed to the process through good times and bad.

2. Satisfaction

Resting on past success is a disruption to future growth, which ultimately impacts organizational health. When an organization gets too comfortable – boredom, complacency and indifference are common results.

The overall vision must be attainable in short wins, but stretching enough to always have something new to achieve.

3. Selfishness

Organizational health requires a team environment. There’s no place for selfishness in this equation. When everyone is looking out for themselves instead of the interest of the entire organization – and this starts with the leader – the health is quickly in jeopardy.