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Ron Edmondson: Make Disciples by Discipling Disciple-Makers

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Do you want to increase your productivity – today? I see part of my role as a senior leader as a developer of other leaders. As a pastor, as much as I was called to make disciples, I felt called to disciple disciple-makers. I have tried to take this role seriously in every leadership position I have held. I am consistently thinking how I can encourage people around me to be better at what they do.

Many leaders limit their capacity as a leader, because they try to do too much on their own. Rather than develop people, they control people. Rather than growing the organization, they only grow their personal workload. In the end, under this type scenario, everyone loses. The leader burns out, potential leaders are never developed, and the organization fails to be all it could be.

If you want to increase productivity as you make disciples, you have to think bigger than what you can do. In fact, I would say, you have to change some of your title roles as a leader.

5 ways to increase productivity as you make disciples

1. Change from being a manager of people to being a leader of people.

Don’t just manage current systems. Lead people to greater realities than they can imagine today. Don’t rule by policies. Free people to explore, create, and imagine. In fact, perhaps even let them make a ton of mistakes along the way. It’s how we learn best.

2. Change from being a doer to being an encourager

Make it your ambition to encourage people everyday. Be a people-builder. I find my best energies are spent away from my desk and in the halls or other offices. When I invest in others everything grows around me.