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10 Reasons You May Be a Stranger to the Cross

stranger to the cross
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Many have said that today’s Christians are shallow, ill of deep-rooted theology and unaware of who Christ really is in their life. And while my first reaction would be to fight this accusation, I can’t help but admit that we have a lack of legit disciples in our midst. Tim Keller once said, “Any person who only sticks with Christianity as long as things are going his or her way is a stranger to the cross.”

10 Reasons You May Be a Stranger to the Cross:

1. Lack of repentance.

2. Have yet to proclaim Christ as Lord.

3. Zero hunger for God’s Word.

4. Failure to pursue righteousness.

5. Takes advantage of God’s grace.

6. Non-existent prayer life.

7. Only praises God when things are good.

8. Seeks theology that only gratifies self.

9. Views Jesus as nothing more than a ticket of out hell.

10. Twists biblical text to fit one’s personal needs.

We must realize that a relationship with Jesus is not easy, comfortable or able to be mediocre. In order to have a true relationship with Christ, one must hand their entire life over to His control. We must take a step back, humble ourselves before the throne, and let our life be available for His great mission.