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Christmas Giving: 10 Ways to Transform Your Christmas

Christmas Giving: 10 Ways to Transform Your Christmas

Those of us who love the Christmas season—I plead guilty!—often are in the market for ways to make it more meaningful.

I polled some friends and would like to share some of the results.

Give more. Give yourself. Give the unexpected. Give 10 times as much as they expect. Give more than ever before. 

Shop less. Buy fewer. Spend less. Stress less.

Quit giving to the adults; give only to the children.

Give no more than three presents per child.

Emphasize the personal aspect.

Write more notes. If you send Christmas cards, write personal notes on them. Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them, even if you need to vary the verb and make it “I treasure you.” (Or, cherish, adore, appreciate or thank God for you)

OK. Now, our 10 ways to transform your Christmas season …

1)  Never pass a Salvation Army kettle without dropping in some money.

My friend Annie got me started on this. Recently, I noticed on her Facebook page that she was re-emphasizing this commitment, and told how after finding herself with only big bills on one occasion, she has made it a practice of having a number of ones and fives in the front of her purse, just for this reason.

I suggest the Lord’s people do something similar every time the offering plate comes by in church. Give something. It’s a wonderful habit, a thrilling privilege.

2) Volunteer with some organization that is ministering to the homeless and needy.

Especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, volunteers will be scarce, so that would be the best time of all to work.

In my city, we have homeless shelters and a seafarers’ ministry.