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How to Use Your IPAD to Improve Your Prayer Life

How To Use Your IPAD To Improve Your Prayer Life

Do you want to improve your prayer life? Most Christians do, but they do not know how.

While I have used various prayer plans since my collegiate days, the one I use in today’s technological world has helped improve my prayer life. Let me share with you how I do it.

Why I Use My iPad to Improve My Prayer Life

The iPad comes with an app called Notes, and I use it in my prayer life. If you have an iPhone, it will sync your lists, providing accessibility on either device no matter where you are. Android devices have a similar note-taking app.

Simplicity: The Notes app is very simple to use. Simplicity usually increases usability.

Change: It is simple to change a prayer list or the process you go through in prayer when you do it electronically. Flexibility will help you stay current.

Relevance: Being current in what is happening in your life or those you are praying for helps you to be relevant. With the Notes app, I can easily keep my prayer list current and relevant.

How I Use My iPad to Improve My Prayer Life

I will share with you a few practices I follow to improve my prayer life, but due to my own flexibility, what I share with you today may not be the same a week from now.

Please know that for me, nothing keeps me more focused, on task and effective in prayer than a current, relevant prayer list. Not just a list relating to a process I may use, but a specific, current list of prayer needs. While this is not comprehensive, at least it lets you into some of my prayer life.

1. Preparing to Pray: In my early morning time with God, I begin with moments of praise for who God is and in moments of thanksgiving for what He has done in my life.

2. Evaluating My Life Spiritually: This time of personal evaluation always begins with confession of sin and acknowledging Jesus’ finished work on the cross for forgiveness of my sins. Knowing my complete insufficiency and dire weakness, I call upon the Holy Spirit to fill me and anoint me with His power needed for the day before me. I ask God to anoint me for living, preaching, teaching, leadership, decision making, vision, writing, relationships and with His gladness.

3. Trusting God for His Protecting Armor to Cover Me and Each Member of My Family: I approach God daily, asking for His spiritual covering and armor upon my family, calling out the names of my family members, asking God to put His armor of protection upon each of us. I pray for protection as they travel in their own regions and beyond, as well as over the schools where each of them works or attends.

4. Asking God to Meet Specific Needs Relating to Each Member of Our Immediate Family: Yes, I talk to God daily about my wife, my two sons, our two daughters-in-law and each of our seven grandchildren.

5. Believing God in Prayer Relating to My Staff Team and My Cross Church Family: Every day is a day of decision for me. Praying about my staff team and all things before our Cross Church Family is one my greatest blessings. This is one of my highest callings as a pastor.

6. Talking to God About America and My Present Responsibilities With the National Day of Prayer: Anyone who has followed me at all knows my love for and commitment to pray for America, especially for spiritual awakening. Our nation needs Jesus.

7. Interceding for Specific Persons and Their Needs: I have a running, ongoing and ever-changing list of people who are walking through unique challenges in their life. I pray for these people specifically and daily.

8. Calling Out to God for the Gospel to be Advanced Across the World: I believe in the Great Commission and have committed the rest of my life to do everything I can so that each person in the world is told about Jesus Christ.

9. Specifically Praying About My Own Life Needs, Personal Ministry and Future Opportunities: I want my life and my ministry to count. I want God to use me in any way He desires. As He extends me opportunities to lead, support, assist or speak in the future, I pray through these.

Find Your Way to Pray Effectively

The most effective prayer plan is the one you will use…

Here is what I know: If you do not have a plan to pray, usually you will not pray consistently and effectively.

So, what is your prayer plan? If you do not have a plan that helps you stay current, on task and specific, I suggest you consider creating one like this.

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