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Outreach Idea: Job Hunting Classes

Outreach Idea: Job Hunting Classes

Here’s an outreach idea for our time: job hunting classes! Let me offer an outsider’s suggestion for something every church in America should consider a priority right now. Millions of people are out of work and the losses have been staggering. Businesses have been closed, people have lost jobs, and financial hope is in short supply. So while we’re rightly concerned about opening back up safely, caring for church members who have lost loved ones, and working to get regular services back on track, we can’t forget that the financial challenges of your church members will be your financial challenges soon. If they’ve lost their job or had their career interrupted, that will directly impact financial giving to churches and ministry organizations and the outreach work they do.

So maybe it’s time to consider creating an outreach specifically designed to help your church members with job hunting. Help them re-start their career, and get back on track financially.

Think about it: Who in your congregation has knowledge and skills to help teach a class on job hunting, preparing resumes, and conducting successful job interviews? Who can teach on networking, personal branding, or how to launch a new business?

When people get back to work, that transforms entire families. It alleviates stress and renews their purpose. Plus, it will help get your church finances back to normal as well.

And if you’re one of those blessed churches who have been doing well financially so far, remember that this isn’t over. The economic impact of the pandemic will be lasting until the fall and beyond.

Start right now. Pinpoint the business leaders in your church who can lead the initiative for job hunting classes. Make the classes in-person or Zoom. Sponsor a job fair. Partner with a local organization focused on helping people into the job market.

The important thing is, do it. It will make a dramatic difference in getting back into financial strength for your congregation as well as the church itself.

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