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10 Reasons Why Small Churches Stay Small: Part 2

This is part 2 of a two-part article, reason 6 through 10 on why small churches stay small. Both articles are worth reading!

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? Let’s Start Believing the Scriptures

Can a divorced person be a deacon in his or her church? What does the Bible say about divorce? It's a little more nuanced than you might think.

Disappointments Can Be Fixed … Here’s How

All of us have known disappointment from people, some who we love dearly and others we’re barely acquainted with. But whatever the relationship, when they let us down we felt the sting of disappointment.

Why Leaders Fall…and Where It All Begins

Fallen leaders are not so foolish as to wake up one day and intentionally throw away their integrity, honor, family and ministry in some abrupt violation of all they knew to be true.

10 Reasons Why a Small Church Tends To Stay Small

Want your church to reach people? Avoid these pitfalls.

10 Ways We Create an Unhealthy Culture

Just as with a healthy team environment, creating an unhealthy culture doesn’t happen without intentionality. We almost have to work at it – even when we don’t realize we are doing so.

3 Principles for Partnership from the Bible Translation Movement

As we all know, the concept of partnership is very biblical. It is core to who God is as He works in partnership as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Great Commission and 3 Types of Churches

When it comes to obeying the Great Commission, there are three types of churches. Which type is your church?

The Selfish Reasons We Skip Church

Often, we don't realize what happens when we skip church. It's important we start seeing the church as something more significant than a place we go to get the religious things we need.

Do Something Fun Today

This week make plans to enjoy your life! Do something fun! Ride a roller coaster, plan a vacation, sleep without setting an alarm clock… Or dare I say it…turn off your phone.

What Rembrandt Teaches Us About the Gospel

Rembrandt was not a preacher, but he did preach with his paint, and he did proclaim with his brushes. His legacy is one of someone who, in the middle of the storm after losing three children, pointed us to Christ. He still does.

What Pastors Need Now More Than Ever

Church leaders, particularly pastors and ministry staff leaders, are struggling like never before. A recent issue of Christianity Today had the cover story is “Emptied...

Former Atheist Shares One Easy Way to Grow Your Church

As an atheist, I was convinced God did not exist. But then something remarkable happened that changed my life. Trust me: People are open to considering God; they’re hungry for Him. But they want to consider His message on their terms. Here's how your church can respond.

How to Listen to Preaching

From the scriptures and catechism, we can draw out four principles on how to listen to preaching.

12 Characteristics of Evangelistic Pastors

In almost 25 years of studying churches in North America, never have I yet found an evangelistic church that was not led by a strongly evangelistic pastor. Here are 12 characteristics of evangelistic pastors.

Effective Prayers for Evangelism

Prayers for evangelism not only opens the door for effective outreach but it also prepares our hearts to evangelize more effectively.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Church

This is the second in a series of four artciles on developing a strategic plan for your church. Gavin Adams guides us through the process.

How to Follow Up With First-Time Guests Online

Many churches follow a Sunday morning ritual of asking “Who is new?” and then handing out connect cards to visitors. The next step is where many churches go wrong. Either they fail to follow up completely, or they only make a one-time effort to reach out to first-time guests. 

Death Leads to the Good Life

It is one of the foundational paradoxes of grace. You cannot understand God’s work of redemption if you don’t pursue this theological paradox: Death leads to life.

Jesus Left Sinful People in Charge of His Church

There’s one thing it seems we universally hate: Jesus left his church—his precious blood-bought bride—in the hands of sinful people.

Brian Houston Asks for Prayers as Court Case Looms, Recently Preached...

Brian Houston, former global senior pastor of Hillsong Church, asked his 691,000 followers on Instagram for prayer yesterday (Sept. 27) in regards to his upcoming court case.

Jen Wilkin on the Biggest Obstacle Keeping People From Reading the...

Jen Wilkin joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the challenges church leaders face with helping people engage the Bible, as well as some possible solutions.

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