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How To Leverage Your Dreams For Creative Purposes

The idea that creative breakthroughs can happen during dreaming is as old as the ancient world.

5 Ways To Handle Frustrating People

If a leader is too harsh or bulldozes over frustrating people, momentum can be diminished. Oftentimes this leader over-communicates through their tone, body language and word choice, which can hurt the relationship and damage the capacity for progress.

12 Reasons I Am a Christian

In 1927, the famed British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an essay entitled, “Why I Am Not a Christian.”

6 Misconceptions About God & Knowing His Will

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about knowing God's will, especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Here are six errors I wish I had known long before last year.

To the Parent of a Prodigal

Most of us are familiar with the story of ‘the prodigal son’ in Luke chapter 15. However, for many parents, it can be a story that’s all too familiar in a more painful and personal way.

What Non-Christians Really Think About Christians

These surprising insights into what non Christians think about Christians could profoundly impact your outreach.

Does Your Evangelism Ask Others to Follow Christ?

“Most problems in contemporary churches can be explained by the fact that members have never decided to follow Christ.”

How Do We Show Our Love for God?

Here's a great metaphor for how to express your love for God. I recently observed an unrestrained public display of affection by a couple who had just fallen in love.

9 Better Ways To Say Welcome to Church

How can you make your church welcome segment excellent, intentional, strategic and short? Here are a few tips from our process.

What I Teach at Our New Members Class

Every new members class should communicate three key points about your church: information, doctrine and expectations.

7 Reasons Why Prayers Are Not Answered

God is not a cosmic genie who promises to answer every request if we just believe strongly enough in His power.

How the Presence of God Fuels Our Mission

When we understand that the presence of God is at work in the world, and the church—as a people—is called to be faithful to his presence through Jesus Christ, our understanding of mission is revitalized.

You Are Wonderfully Made

All this to say, Christian, look at yourself as the amazing specimen of the Divine Architect, and praise God for how wonderfully made you are.

Ron Edmondson’s Leadership Tip: Invent Now, Tweak Later

Sometimes we simply need to do something different – invent now, start something new. We often need a fresh dose of innovation.

God’s Kingdom Story: What Story Are You Telling?

There is one story that is above all of the others, and it is the kingdom story. It is the genuine story that our hearts long for and the one in which God invites us to participate.

3 Reasons You Should Learn From Different People

Here's a question I’m working through about learning from different people: Does the breadth of your learning impact the depth of your learning?

Do YOU Have a Spirit of Entitlement?

Entitlement is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. It is the feeling that you have the right to do or have what you want without having to work for it.

What is Your Pet Sin?

Every one of us probably also has a sin we rather enjoy, a sin we refuse to put to death. In fact, we may even protect and promote it. We might refer to it as a pet sin.

Investing and Inviting To Achieve Maximum Impact

The core dynamic of evangelism is investing and inviting.

Benjamin Watson: What Church Leaders Need To Know About Abortion and...

Benjamin Watson joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what the pro-life movement should focus on now that Roe has been overturned.

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