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First Person: Report from a Missionary in South Asia

Each week, more would join us and plead for us to visit their villages. This is nothing new for a missionary in South Asia: we felt the acute tension of His plentiful harvest on the cusp of being ready, yet knew we were woefully short on workers to labor in the harvest.

Finding Peace Through an Ancient Prayer

One simple sentence, filled with meaning -- and peace.

In Need of More Than Help

Acknowledging we are frail, dependent, and our need of more than help is the first and sustained step to living with ultimate hope.
Nothing But the Truth


It’s imperative, perhaps now more than ever, that the Church shift her focus from the world’s conceptual struggle with truth to the definable and victorious PERSON of TRUTH, answering Pilate’s throw-away question “What is truth?” with a resounding one-word declaration: Jesus!
biological sex

Understanding Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex

We’re not just talking about an issue; we’re talking about people. Because It’s about both people and an issue, and so we must aim to be both biblical on the issue and loving to people. Especially when people are struggling with their biological sex.
Cultivate a Heart of Contentment

How to Overcome Comparison: Cultivate a Contented Heart

Cultivate a heart of contentment for true peace.
church evangelism strategies

5 Must-Have Church Evangelism Strategies

Will Mancini offers time-tested wisdom with these five essentials that any outreach strategy MUST have in order to work in your local culture.
fear not

“Fear Not”: The Signpost of Another World

One of the most repeated phrases in scripture is fear not -- do not be afraid. It’s almost as if the God who created us knows us and knows that much of what we do is driven by the blasphemy of pessimism.
Operation Christmas Child

The Good News Blossoms in Gambia Through the Greatest Journey

“Thank you, Operation Christmas Child, for the great opportunity to reach out to kids,” Johnjames, a missionary, said. “My involvement with the Samaritan’s Purse project has really encouraged my ministry in Gambia."
new church

5 Leadership Reminders When Launching a New Church

God used the pandemic to birth four new congregations, officially launching last weekend. My heart is so full as I write this. I am so proud of our team and so thankful to be able to see a new church in those amazing cities.
find volunteers

2 Reasons You Can’t Find Volunteers

Working with ministries around the world the one question we hear more than any other is, “How do you find volunteers?”
When Prayer Doesn't Work

6 Things to Do When Prayer Doesn’t Work

What do you do when prayer doesn't work? You know God loves you. You know He answers prayer. You know your eternal destiny is secured. But have you ever secretly, quietly, wondered, “God are you with me right now?”
never say to your pastor

The One Sentence Pastors Hate to Hear

There is one sentence you should never say to your pastor or church staff. Even as the first few words are spoken, the listener feels his or her emotions plummeting.
disrespectful people

How to Honor Disrespectful People

None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we are to withhold honor from people who are dishonorable.

11 Signs of an Emotionally Mature Christian

Why are so many Christians judgmental and defensive? Part of the answer lies in a failure to be a mature Christian.

Three SBC Leaders Reflect on 9/11

Twenty years later, our call to love others, uphold religious liberty, and share the gospel remains.
How to Experience a Breakthrough in Your Church’s Growth

How to Experience a Breakthrough in Your Church’s Growth

How do we experience a breakthrough in church growth? There are plenty of answers in terms of systems and methodologies, models and approaches. But before we go about the reshaping of the structure or ministry of a church, we first need to experience a change in our mindset.
Transparent in Ministry

How to Be Transparent in Ministry (and Why)

Real transparency between fellow sisters (and brothers) in Christ is much deeper and much more difficult than what we commonly practice. Being transparent in ministry is painful, embarrassing, humbling work, for the teller as well as for the hearer.
characteristics of evangelistic pastors.

12 Characteristics of Evangelistic Pastors

In almost 25 years of studying churches in North America, never have I yet found an evangelistic church that was not led by a strongly evangelistic pastor. Here are 12 characteristics of evangelistic pastors.
singles events

Singles Church Events – Please Give Us Space to Mingle

Even well-meaning church leaders might be unaware of the pain a lot of Christian singles feel when it comes to finding a potential spouse. The church can step in to create singles events that are just the right balance of intentionality and fluidity.

Josh McDowell Steps Down in the Wake of Controversial Racial Comments

Days after apologizing for his controversial comments regarding race, Josh McDowell has announced he is stepping away from his ministry to enter a "season of listening."

Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

"It's not about becoming like Julia Child," says Ann Voskamp. "Hospitality is about welcoming in the marginalized as the next child of God."

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