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3 Common Mistakes We Make When Reading the Bible

Avoid mistakes when reading the Bible, remember to talk to God, read whole scriptural books, and remember who wrote the Bible: God.     

5 Ways To Deepen Your Integrity

Here are five ways we can deepen our integrity in a world that seems to discourage it, as taken from the life of Daniel.

The Power of Personal Invitations: 10 Tips for Inviting People to Church

In a world dominated by social media, churches are wise to create systems that enable them to meet their community in digital spaces. Nevertheless,...

4 Common Sins Christians Are Oddly Okay With

I don’t believe we’re necessarily intentional about accepting certain sins and not others. Nevertheless, we might be ignorant to the damage it’s causing in our lives and communities.

5 Bad Excuses for Not Giving to Your Church

Many struggle with the idea of giving to their churches. Often the excuses for not giving are based on a misunderstanding of Scripture or a misunderstanding of the church. Here are 5 bad reasons for not giving to your church.

Don’t Grow Weary in the Spiritual Battle

The fact is you and I are in a battle.  But, it is not a battle of finances, physical health, time management, or anything of the physical realm. It’s a spiritual battle and it is real.

Becoming Fishers of Men: Spreading the Gospel and Bringing Others to Faith

The concept of being "fishers of men" holds profound significance in the Christian faith, representing the mandate given by Jesus to His disciples to...

4 Steps To Diffusing Social Media Tension

The key to diffusing social media tension comes from scripture: “do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) Treat others with respect and model behaviors and values that encourage positive posting from your followers.

6 Reasons To Sit in a Different Seat at Church This Weekend

When sitting in church, most of us have a habit of going to the same place every Sunday. But here are some reasons why you and I should sit in a different spot in church this weekend.

Servant Leadership in the Church: 10 Keys

No matter how you look at it, servant leadership in the church is the perfect model for any church ministry: pastoral, outreach, even tech.

Proof of Jesus’ Resurrection: Evidence That Confirms Faith

Delve into the proof of Jesus' resurrection, as we examine historical data, archaeological findings, and theological insights that affirm this pivotal event, while addressing skeptic arguments and fortifying the foundation of Christian faith.

Christian Soccer Players: Faith on the Field

Explore the devout world of Christian soccer players as we spotlight how their faith impacts their performance on the pitch and influences their lives off it. Discover their role as influential role models and the spiritual resilience that guides them through the challenges of professional sports.

Seeking the Divine: A Quest for Spiritual Wisdom

Explore spiritual wisdom for personal transformation. Gain insights, guidance, and resources for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Why Liturgy Is Important for Outreach

Whether it has come from hundreds of years of tradition or it’s just from how we are feeling as we put together service elements, we all operate with a plan, and that is what a liturgy is—a plan. And here's why liturgy is important for the church's outreach.

4 Truths That Will Revolutionize How You See Your Work

We tend to hate Mondays, because of work. But what if that's just because you need to change the way you see your work?

Outreach Insights: Understanding the Unchurched

Explore insights, strategies, and resources for the unchurched population. Find spiritual guidance and community. Learn more now.

Preparing Your Family for Church Planting

When my wife, Heather, and I felt God leading us to plant a church, questions flooded our minds. The most pressing was, “Can we do this as a family of seven?” And if so, “How do we prepare our little ones for church planting?”

The Simplest Way To Grow Your Love of the Bible

Is there some action we can take that will propel us down the road of discipline to joy when it comes to the Bible? There is, and it’s a very simple way indeed.

7 Ways to Earn and Keep Trust

Building and maintaining trust is critical to good leadership. Thankfully, there are ways to earn and keep trust as a leader.

Why Do Churches Resist Change? (And What You Can Do About It)

The bringing of order creates the organization but also  simultaneously slows the creative, leadership elements of change. This happens in every organization, but churches resist change even more, or so it seems.

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

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