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He Gets Us: Reframing Jesus for a Skeptical Generation

When we were approached to build a creative campaign to help reclaim the promise of Jesus in America, we recognized this assignment for what it is: a generational opportunity to play a role in an important move of God. 

5 Things That May Be Hindering Your Prayers

We’ve all been there. We pray. We wait. We wait. And then we wonder: “What did I do wrong?” Sometimes the problem isn’t on your end.  It might just not be God’s timing or God’s will… But sometimes it is.

Follow Jesus, Expect Suffering

Suffering is an expected part of the Christian life. This truth in itself will never attract anyone to the Christian faith—until they understand that because suffering is the way of Jesus, it also brings life.

Why Fulfilling the Great Commission Also Means Discipleship

There is a second part to our destiny in Jesus: we have been called to not only be disciples, we’ve been called to make disciples as well. This, too, is fulfilling the Great Commission.

How to Know If Your Leadership Is Abusive

Ministry isn’t easy. Firm leadership and visionary leadership are necessary at times, hard decisions need to be taken and church discipline needs to be exercised, but there can be an overall tone, or an underlying current to a man’s ministry that is far from helpful.

What Reading the Bible Is Really About

For many people, growth in Christ is primarily growth in knowledge of Bible facts and doctrines. Maybe you love digging deep in the Bible, unpacking original meaning, listening to sermon podcasts, and reading books. And I’m right there with you; I love knowledge.

Servant Leadership in the Church – 10 Keys

No matter how you look at it, servant leadership in the church is the perfect model for any church ministry: pastoral, outreach, even tech.

Church Planting in Inner-City Contexts: Three Tensions to Navigate

There is a misnomer in church planting, and it’s this: inner-city church planting is just a subset of the broader church planting movement.

11 Problems With Church Parking Lots

In these days of COVID, church parking lots have become more important; in fact, they’re where the worship service takes place in some cases.

Work is Spiritual: 3 Ways to Serve at Work

Microsoft Excel and frustrating situations at the office, but still, the concept of work is spiritual. When we spend forever with God in heaven, we will have work and industry to accomplish.

That’s Just Your Interpretation

It’s all too common for someone to point out something the Bible says and have somebody respond, “Well, that’s just your interpretation,” as if when it comes to what the Bible says there’s nothing more than personal opinion.

How Dangerous Is Your Money?

Money will either bless you or curse you. Money is a tool that can reveal what the desire of your heart is.

Why We’re Not Equipping Others for Ministry

While some pastors neglect equipping for several reasons, some churches insist that pastors “do ministry” rather than equipping people for ministry. Three reasons stand out.

7 Things to Avoid When Teaching Women’s Bible Study

The best part of teaching women’s bible study they have previously studied is that it holds the teacher accountable not to “wing it.”

He Gets Us: Offending (Some) Christians While Reaching the Unchurched

Sometimes the best approaches to connect with non-Christians will make some Christians uneasy. Why is this the case? Because unconventional approaches break the mold of what most Christians envision when they think of evangelism.

NEW: The Top 5 Trends From the 2022 World Watch List

The Church is under attack all over the world, and Christians remain persecuted solely because they follow Jesus. Here are the top five trends and takeaways from Open Door’s World Watch List 2022.

Applying the Beatitudes

The Beatitudes, according to Matthew, mark the beginning of Jesus' public teaching ministry. They are the first things that Jesus emphasized as he proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Church Communication Strategy – Streamline What You’re Saying

There are many good things we could be doing, but we want to focus our attention on what’s best. Sometimes, that means we need to adjust our communication strategy. Simplify how you’re communicating. Streamline what you’re saying.

To the Women Who Wish Their Husbands Were Spiritual Leaders

To the Women Who Wish Their Husbands Were Spiritual Leaders - You look at him and see apathy. Laziness. It makes you sad, but mostly it makes you angry. You can see so clearly what he needs to be doing. Why won’t he just do it?

Women and Girls Are More Likely to Go Hungry. We Can Change That.

Food For The Poor announced a new program, Seven Saves. It’s a grassroots program for church communities that puts faith into action among congregations, helping individuals engage with the problem of extreme poverty.

Christians Need to Get Political, Say Eric Metaxas, Lauren Boebert, Sean...

Worship leader and activist Sean Feucht brought his Hold the Line movement to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Friday, May 20. Eric Metaxas and Rep. Lauren Boebert spoke at the event, which encouraged Christians to take a bold, political stand for the truth. 

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.

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