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8 Reasons the Church Is a Light in a Troubled World

light in a troubled world

Cultivating hope, expressing encouragement, and maintaining an authentically positive spirit are vital to your leadership. People need to sense your optimism as a leader.

But that’s not always easy, is it?

  • Discouragement may run close to the surface for you right now.
  • You may be carrying the weight of a difficult decision.
  • Attempting to anticipate what’s around the corner might be causing anxiety.

Sometimes, the difficult circumstances near us can blind us to the good surrounding us.

And because we devote a significant amount of time to solving problems (a normal part of leadership), it’s easy to forget the blessings.

It’s not unlike a farmer who works so diligently to tend the soil, fend off pests, get rid of weeds, and make sure the crops are watered. Yet, they can lose sight that all that hard work produces life-giving food that nourishes so many people!

What you do really matters!

In this post, I want to encourage you with eight reasons that let you know:

Your spiritual leadership is life-giving, and you are part of a divine mission that brings light to a troubled world. 

Action step:

As you read through this post, ask yourself which of the eight reasons are you fully living out and which ones could your church lean into more?

8 Reasons the Church Is a Light in a Troubled World

1. Truth That Stands the Test of Time Over All Controversy, Conflict and Confusion.

In an age when it seems like the truth is up for grabs and changes as fast as social media can produce it, it can be challenging to lead those who search for guidance and direction.


Scripture has been challenged by skeptics, examined by scholars, questioned by the religious, and scoffed by atheists, but there is no test it can fail, and it cannot be silenced because you can’t silence the truth of God.

There is no guesswork about the veracity of Scripture. But, as a Christian leader, you can count on it as absolute truth to guide your decisions and your life.

2. Grace That Is Undeserved yet Freely Given.

As I examine my life, it seems like I fall short in some way almost daily, from impatience to a self-focused outlook, and I’m so grateful for God’s grace.

Grace is a gift but not an excuse, and as we have received grace, we must extend it to others.

Grace is at the core of the beauty and the power of the church. Grace replaces judgment and sets people free to live a life on purpose for God.