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Pastor: It’s Not About You

not about you

What is one leadership principle every leader must know? I remember when one simple question helped me realize the importance of every leader understanding the fact that it’s not about you.

I received an email:

Ron, a question for you.

If you had to pass one and only one leadership principle to others leaders, what would that one principle be and why that one?

That’s a hard question, because I can think of so many principles of what leadership is – maybe even seven or ten of them. I thought for a minute and came to a conclusion.

If I only had one principle of leadership to share it would be:

It’s not about you

It’s not about the leader. Why would I say that? It’s not about you because leadership is about something bigger than you. It’s bigger than any individual accomplishment.

Leaders need to be continually conscious that we are called to advance a worthy cause for the benefit of others. Leadership is foremost a stewardship of trust. It’s not about you: it is a sacred privilege to have people willing to follow our lead. Without others – there is no leadership.

If ever we begin to believe leadership is about us, or our agenda, or our plan we will become controlling, prideful and eventually ineffective.

At that point, I’m not sure we would even be leading anymore.


Ron’s post It’s Not About You originally appeared here, and is used by permission. Check out his leadership podcast where we discuss issues of leadership in a practical way.