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How to Execute a Strategic Plan at Your Church – Crafting the Plan

3. What is our specific plan of action?

With the how’s of success defined and our current reality evaluated against our “how,” we can make specific plans to move our organization from where we are to where we hope to be. These particular plans are the building materials for our bridge to the other side.

Perhaps you’ve heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals. Our plans of action follow a similar path:

S) Make the plan Specific and Sequential.
M) Decide how you’ll Measure the plan as it’s placed in action.
A) Ensure the plan is Attainable.
R) Consider how your plans align to your values as to keep your steps Relevant, and finally
T) While the timeline may shift during the process, it’s essential to begin with an agreed-upon Timeline for accountability and expectations.

4. What are our departmental plans?

The final piece of this strategy development section is to include everyone by outlining departmental plans. Excellent strategic planning touches almost every person and process in an organization. Therefore, it’s essential to include everyone in the process.

And there you have it: Step two of the strategic planning process.

From this point, all that is left is a more granular look at tactics and actions and measurement considerations. We’ll get to these in a following post.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission. 

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