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Expectations of a Pastor: 10 Duties Every Youth Minister Must Fulfill

expectations of a pastor

In any role or position, expectations are key. Job applicants need to know what’s expected of them. Unless supervisors lay out those expectations from the get-go, they can’t expect employees to meet them. This is especially true in church settings, where expectations of a pastor or youth leader must be clear.

For example, when I came to my current student ministry, youth leaders were already in place. So I didn’t have to recruit much at first. But now when I do, it’s an important job function.

So, what are some expectations of a pastor that churches should have in place? For a youth pastor or leader, I recommend these 10 to start:

10 Expectations of a Pastor or Youth Worker

1. Maintain a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus.

Youth leaders’ time with God will show in how they approach  ministry. If they haven’t been growing in the Word, you will see it lived out in youth group. And you cannot have this! Youth leaders must be steadily growing in their relationship with Jesus if they ever want teens in their ministry to grow.

2. Be faithful to church and youth group.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to expectations of a pastor. But let me tell you from experience: Youth leaders need to hear it! It’s important and vital to stress this. We cannot ever expect our students to be faithful to church if we aren’t. Tell leaders you expect them to be at church and corporate worship regularly.

3. Attend youth events.

Now, at times some youth leaders won’t be able to attend particular events. But they certainly should be at many throughout the year. This is their responsibility. Attending youth events is one of the best ways to build relationships with kids. They love seeing their leaders at stuff. The leaders with the best relationships with students are the ones who try to come to every youth event.

4. Build relationships with parents.

This is huge! Youth leaders need to be involved in the home and get to know parents. We’re ministering to parents as much as to students, and youth leaders must understand this from day one. They must try to talk with parents and build a solid relationship with them throughout the year.

5. Participate with enthusiasm.

This is important to me. Nothing is worse than when no one else is excited. If you have adult volunteer leaders (and you should), this should never happen. As long as leaders are present, youth group should never experience a dull moment. If that occurs, the leaders need to kick up the enthusiasm and energy. Expect this from all your youth leaders.