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Who Is David E. Taylor?

David E. Taylor

A recent post at Ministry Watch, a website that “profiles public charities, church and parachurch ministries” Kingdom of God Global Church and Joshua Media Ministries (both led by self-proclaimed apostle David E. Taylor) are the subject of a multi-million dollar lawsuit initiated by Miami-based Movie Prop Rentals. In the filing Movie Prop Rentals alleges that the ministries have failed to make timely payments on a stage configuration said to be valued in excess of two million dollars. Movie Prop Rentals halted construction on the high-profile stage after David E. Taylor’s ministries allegedly did not meet it’s $70,000 payments to cover the costs of custom construction. Movie Prop Rentals is a secular firm that specializes in custom design and build services for such notable performers as PitBull and Sean Combs.

Who is David E. Taylor?

His websites and ministries describe the Missouri-based minister as an “apostle,” but it’s not immediately clear if that title is self-given or conferred from any denomination. His website relates this account: “Just as Paul experienced a radical conversion, when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, David E. Taylor was also radically converted when Jesus appeared to him!” According to his sites, Taylor has been involved in ministry for 30 years—though not without some controversy. He was previously married to Tabitha Taylor, has publicly alleged pastoral and sexual misconduct. He is the author of numerous books, eBooks, and teaching videos. His Amazon author’s biography states:

David E. Taylor serves in all of the fivefold ministry offices as an apostle. He most prizes his face-to-face appearance relationship and friendship with Jesus. These encounters have been documented and reported by many pastors and leaders, and in testimonials of God’s people.”

MinistryWatch, which reported on the most recent lawsuit, describes itself as “an advocate for TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and the renewed CREDIBILITY of Christian ministries.” They have previously reported on other controversies involving David E. Taylor. “His daily Miracles Today Broadcast is a venue for Taylor to pray over anointed prayer cloths that people call in to receive. He also claims to have the power to heal and work miracles.”