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5 Life Changing Things You Can’t Do in a Hurry

3. Think Through Solving a Complex Problem That Has Layers to the Solution

Church leadership is largely about making progress, solving problems and helping people. And we simply cannot solve significant or complex problems in a hurry.

Next to our time in prayer, think time is a leader’s greatest asset. It’s when we take time to truly think that we have new ideas, fresh ways to communicate, and creative solutions to challenging problems.

Solving complex problems is more like playing chess than checkers. It’s usually nuanced and layered and each move you make effects the next one. And the more time that elapses the more the situation (the chess board) changes on you.

Thinking several moves ahead, anticipating moves that will be made by others, and staying focused on real solutions that advance the mission of the church, not just make the pressure go away, takes focused time in thought.

What’s the most complex problem you are working on right now?

4. Connect With a Friend at a Heart Level so the Relationship Takes New Ground

Relationships are either moving forward and getting stronger or moving backwards and becoming more distant. They never simply “remain the same.” There is no neutral in a relationship.

The reason movement is difficult to discern is because relationships typically change (improve or decline) very slowly. Therefore, they give the appearance of remaining the same … but they don’t.

This isn’t something to fret about, it’s part of life. And those acquaintances that have become a bit more distant can still be appreciated and enjoyed, but they don’t provide the deeper connection that the heart longs for among those closer to us.

For any relationship to move forward and take new ground, a heart-level authentic connection and transparency is required, and neither of these happen in a hurry.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, this doesn’t always require a great deal of time, but it can’t be in a hurry.

Who is on your mind these days that you are overdue for a good cup of coffee?

5. Pray in a Way That You Have Time To Hear From God and Internalize His Words

God cannot be rushed. If you want to hear more from Him, set aside the time and space where you are not in a hurry.

Once again, this may or may not be a lengthy amount of time, but its how you come to the table. Come to God unhurried, come ready and seeking, come anticipating.

And yes, God most certainly can whisper incredible wisdom to you at any moment throughout the day, while that is true, when we set aside unhurried time we’re more likely to discern His voice.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.