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Coach Prime, Coach Mac, and the Power of the Gospel

When I read those words, that little twinge of guilt I felt when I posted my Tweet turned into a sledgehammer of conviction. Why? Because I’d given in to the us/them temptation. If any unbelievers from Boulder had read that Tweet, it wouldn’t have drawn them closer to Jesus, but rather pushed them farther away. So, hand-slapped by the professor and heart-convicted by the Holy Spirit, I took it down.

May God give us all, especially me, the grace to lovingly give the Gospel to those who don’t yet believe in Jesus. May we refuse to taunt or mock those who don’t line up with our Christian faith. May we, as fans of Jesus and football, lovingly use Coach Prime’s bold belief in God as a way to open up Gospel conversations with those who don’t yet believe.

I finish with this prayer:

God, give Coach Prime, in the words of the old preacher, the mixture of the lion and the lamb in his role as head coach of the CU Buffaloes. May he continue to be bold in his faith, but may he, at the same time, be gentle with unbelievers and point them to Christ and Him crucified and risen from the dead.

Give every believing student and football player at CU boldness to declare the Gospel in love to their fellow students and players. Keep us from giving into the us/them temptation. Forgive me for failing to do so last week. Instead, may we view ourselves as sinners saved by grace, humbly, yet boldly, pointing others to Jesus. Use this football season at CU as a catalyst for a natural, national Gospel conversation.

Give us the wild-eyed intensity of Coach Mac, the verbal boldness of Coach Prime, and the gentleness of King Jesus when it comes to declaring the Gospel. In Jesus’s name, amen.

P.S. Go CU!

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.