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3 Powerful Keys To Grow in Personal Worship

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We each have different skills, interests, gifts, and abilities. They are clues to our unique purpose in life. But there are some things we are ALL born to do! For instance, we are all born to love. We were created to give and receive love. And we were created to worship God, personally. To improve our personal worship, here are a couple of thoughts.

We just don’t function well if we don’t have this functioning in our lives. Without clean oil, a car engine doesn’t function well. It begins to break down. The engine will overheat, and smoke will come out of the engine. I learned this lesson with my first car.

One thing we were ALL born to do is to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. We do not function well without love. We become ‘dysfunctional’ without love.

We are created to be worshippers of God. We must be worshippers of God. I want Oasis Church to be a worshipping church. We flourish when we engage in personal worship. We flourish when we love God and love people.

3 Powerful Keys to Grow in Personal Worship

1.  Recognize God Is Holy

In your personal worship, imagine the Holiness of God. Think of His majesty. He is the God who has no beginning, who has no end. He is holy and all-powerful.

Worship with this in your mind. Imagine Heaven’s worship.

Day and night, they never stop saying: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”  Revelation 4:8 NIV84

I like an informal setting in a church service. Overly formal church services can be routine, predictable, and boring. But sometimes, we can be so informal that we are nonchalant, casual, or disrespectful.

“Yo God, wassup?” is not the way to approach God. He is Holy. He is worthy to be praised.

2.  Direct Your Worship “TO” God

Sing to God. Express your devotion to Him. Don’t sing for others.

We tend to evaluate the music or the worship in a church service, but really, God should be evaluating our worship. Worship is not for our benefit – it is for God’s benefit.

“I loved the worship today. I enjoyed the new song. That singer has a good voice. I’m glad we stopped singing the other song.” Etc.

These comments can indicate where our real attention is.

Many people think the sermon is the main meal, and worship is the warm-up. That’s why so many people show up during the second or third song because worship is not important to them. Worship should not be relegated to a secondary place in our hearts. We do not show up 15 minutes late for a movie, but people often show up late for worship.

Do we come into these moments to worship God – to really worship God? I can’t tell sometimes. In some church services, I see leaders with their arms folded, musicians on the platform stiff as a statue, and half the people arriving for the last line of the last song. There is a big difference in services where people are genuinely worshiping God.