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Pastor, Your Wife Might Be “Smokin’ Hot,” But…

Say it, but say it privately.

I want to tell my wife that she’s beautiful. I’m attracted to her. I have this deep churning inside me that makes me want to shower my wife with compliments, gifts, acts of service and affection.

It’s normal. It’s a God-given desire. And it’s what a healthy romantic relationship looks like.

I shouldn’t be ashamed of the phrase, but I should use discretion as to where and when I use it.

To me, my wife is “smokin’ hot.” It starts with me visually admiring my wife’s physical beauty.

But as I am growing in my sexuality, emotionally and relationally, I am finding deeper, more fulfilling connections with my wife. I am attracted to her physically, but I am more attracted to her strength of character, her ability to organize, her loyalty, her love for our children and her grace toward me.

Preachers, let’s move you and your “smokin’ hot” wife back to the bedroom.

What do you think?

Are pastors doing a good thing when they call their wives “smokin’ hot”?

Am I being hypersensitive about this?  

This article originally appeared on the Covenant Eyes blog.