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Pastor Secrets: 5 Things Your Pastor Wishes He Could Tell You

5. I’m more grateful for you than you realize.

I realize how demanding life is and how busy you are.

I know you worked late on that project this past week…and still came to the event at the church.

I realize you haven’t had eight hours sleep in about three years and your kids are driving you crazy…and you took time to seek God today.

I realize your family argued on the car ride to church and still walked through the door anyway (we do that too sometimes).

I realize the school trip cost more than you thought and you’d really like to get to Disney this year, but you’re giving anyway.

I know that you serve in a number of organizations in the community, but you still throw your weight behind this mission at the church we’re in together.

Thank you. Really.

The church is the most blessed organization in the world.

We have an eternal mission that will make far more sense when we stand before Christ than it does most days now. I think only then will we see how important what we’re doing now really is.

We rely on the good will and the hard work of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people to be the church.

And I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for you. I am. 

How About You?

If you’re a pastor, is there anything you would add?

If you attend a church, is there anything you would want to know or that you would add?

I’d love to hear. Leave a comment.

And once again…thank you. This is something amazing we’re all caught up in, isn’t it?

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