7 Lies Christians Believe About Sex

Sex and Christians have a similar relationship. We seem to tolerate sex because it is necessary to carry on the family name. But aside from that, it has no real purpose. So, we just deal with it. Because, well, we have to.

What if Christians embraced sex as a gift from God? What if the church viewed sex as a gift to be enjoyed by two people within the covenant bond of marriage? What if the church encouraged married people to explore sex? What if the church taught and discipled single people to see sex as a form of enjoyment and pleasure instead of the annoying family member no one wants to be around?

We might just build anticipation and excitement around God’s design for sex. Maybe single people would want to know more about this gift. And maybe they would share their current sexual struggles because they want to enjoy God’s gift … God’s way.

Lies Christians believe about sex #2.) Casual sex is fun and innocent. Everyone else is doing it.

So, golf is fun. White water rafting is fun. Sex is … fun? Is that how far sex has fallen in our culture?

Well done, Satan. Let’s give him a hand, guys. He has taken a mysterious, private and extremely powerful gift and turned it into something … fun? Something like golf and white water rafting. Something recreational. Really?

Don’t get me wrong. Sex is fun. But it’s more than a recreational activity. Much more.

And while our schools give condoms to sixth graders, the church does little to raise expectations around sex. It’s almost as though Christians believe it’s better to hand out condoms than teach abstinence.

Look, it’s not a stretch to say marriage in our country is falling apart (at least partly) because sex has lost its mystery. Sex is nothing more than a recreational activity. It’s fun.

Meanwhile, God says sex binds two people together physically, emotionally and spiritually. There’s nothing simple about that. Until sex is seen as a powerful expression of covenant love, wrapped in mystery and complexity, marriages will continue to fall apart.

Lies Christians believe about sex #3.) It’s OK to have sex if I am in love.

In 10th grade, my U.S. History teacher said something I will never forget. “Love is not something you fall in and out of. Love isn’t primarily a feeling. It’s primarily a decision.”

Now, if you are wondering how love and U.S. History are connected, I wonder the same thing. But don’t derail my point.

At the time, I thought my teacher was ignorant. After all, as a 10th grader I had fallen in love several times. But now I see that I was never in love. I was infatuated.

Sex isn’t for two people who are “in love.” Sex is for two people who are married. Two people committed to one another for the duration of their earthly lives. If you and your “boo” are madly in love, get married. If you can’t get married because you are 15, trust God’s eternal plan for sex is better than your present one.

Sex outside of God’s design will always be a source of brokenness because it’s for people who are married, not people who are “in love.”

Lies Christians believe about sex #4.) If I remain pure before marriage, God will reward me with great sex.

Yeah, I thought this before I was married. And it’s not that the statement was made explicitly. But somehow I concluded it. And I have talked to other Christians who concluded the same thing. So, there must be something in the church water.

I am going to be real. Five years of marriage has taught me that sex is hard work. Yes, it’s pleasurable. But if you believe angels are going to sing, “Hallelujah!” while fireworks cascade around you the first time you have sex, prepare for disappointment.

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Frank Powell
Frank lives in Jackson, TN with his amazing wife and two boys. He loves black coffee and doing stuff outside like golf and running.