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9 Steps to Rebrand Your Church

6. Interview three different graphic designers. Give them your Avatar and BrandScript and tell them to check out the rebranding examples done by the amazing people at PlainJoe Studios. This will be everything they’ll need to inspire them to create initial concepts of an icon, font options and a color palette for the entire church. I suggest getting three initial concepts from three designers because they can be hit or miss. Then once you select a designer and a direction you can finish separate identities for each department of your church that tie into the main identity.

7. Starting with all “outward facing” tools (website, social media, etc.) and working toward inward tools (programs, emails, wall colors, etc.), bring everything into alignment with new brand.

8. Select ONE person on staff who will be responsible for brand alignment and compliance. Make it their goal to bring everything into compliance within six to 12 months.

9. Do NOT announce what you’re doing to the church at large. Software engineers use a term called “slipstream” where they introduce a change without calling attention to it (ex. the way Apple will update iPhones with IOS version 10,000.6.5 and just send it out). Let the excitement build as they see the transformation. If you announce it, people will expect “Disney” and be disappointed when much of the branding alignment is subtle.

Remember, when you rebrand your church, it’s not about creating a “new” identity.

You already have an identity, and so do the people you’re trying to reach.

Rebranding is about bringing clarity to your identity and making it simple for the people you’re trying to reach to be a part of your story.

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