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7 Steps to Take When Sunday Hurt

Sunday 7 Steps to Take When Sunday Hurt

For some of you, yesterday was a difficult day. Something happened (or has been happening) within your congregation that makes your ministry difficult. If that’s where you are today, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pray much today, asking God to teach you and grow you. Even in the toughest situations with people who are simply sinful, we can learn something. Lean on God all day long.
  2. Don’t overreact with emotion. Your emotion may be justified, but don’t let it lead to bad decisions. Don’t let somebody else’s issues create more difficulty for you.
  3. Talk with somebody. I realize you may not be in a position to talk about everything, but find somebody with whom you can share your burden. Let a friend encourage you.
  4. Realize what Satan wants to accomplish in your life. No matter what you faced yesterday, the enemy wants to discourage and defeat you. It’s your call whether you let that happen.
  5. Read some of your favorite Bible texts. I know this suggestion sounds simplistic, but that’s the point. Go back to a basic strategy of letting the Word of God speak to you as it has in the past.
  6. Work hard to reflect on anything positive that happened yesterday. Ask God to help you see His hand rather than the tough stuff. Even a glimpse of His work will help you deal with the negatives.
  7. Begin making plans to address the issues. Some situations demand follow up, and I’m not suggesting you ignore that need in your church. I’m simply saying that you need to think through your reactions and respond wisely.

What other steps would you take?

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