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How to Select Your ‘Life Verse’

Life Verse

“Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life” (John 6:68).  

Your life verse is not just a cute, catchy line that looks good on a bumper sticker.

Your life verse understands you. It sums up a lot about your life. It has your number.

Your life verse knows your deep, dark secrets.

When you were young, you were still finding out who you were and had yet to encounter life’s bruises and hurts. You could not have found a verse that “fit” since you didn’t know “what size you were,” to stay with the metaphor. But by this time, you have lived enough to carry scars from disappointments and battles. You have failed and sometimes failed big time. You have hurt and cried and cried out to God. And now you are ready to find your life verse.

Your life verse won’t necessarily make you happy. It may be a reminder of the scars you wear and a few you have inflicted.

Here’s mine.

Job 4:4. The odd thing is that I remember it in a way that I cannot find in any version of the Scripture. The way I recall it is:

Your words have stood men on their feet. 

The NKJV reads: “Your words have upheld him who is stumbling; You have strengthened the feeble knees.” Most translations have a variation of that. But still. I like it to say “your words have stood men on their feet.”

I know about such words. I also know about the destructive power of words.

I have been knocked off my feet by harsh words. I have knocked a few people off their feet by some poorly chosen words of my own. And I have been the recipient of good words that raised me from the deck of self-pity and stood me erect and returned me to the battle.

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Joe McKeever has been a preacher for nearly 60 years, a pastor for 42 years, and a cartoonist/writer for Christian publications all his adult life. He lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi.