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The World Isn’t Looking for a Bigger Church, They Want a Better Church

They want to connect with others who are asking the same questions and looking for the same answers. They want to participate in doing good for others, with others.

They want to be in a community of people they trust so much that when they fail to live up to their ideals, someone will call them on it without getting legalistic or mean about it.

The most powerful evangelistic tool in the world is not a program, a special service, a booklet or a flashy presentation. It’s a group of people who live what they say they believe. Worshipping Jesus, loving each other and caring for their community. In other words, a healthy church.

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Karl Vaters is the author of The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking That Divides Us. He’s been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and has been the lead pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, California for over 20 years. He’s also the founder of NewSmallChurch.com, a blog that encourages, connects and equips innovative Small Church pastors