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The World Isn’t Looking for a Bigger Church, They Want a Better Church

They want to connect with others who are asking the same questions and looking for the same answers. They want to participate in doing good for others, with others.

They want to be in a community of people they trust so much that when they fail to live up to their ideals, someone will call them on it without getting legalistic or mean about it.

The most powerful evangelistic tool in the world is not a program, a special service, a booklet or a flashy presentation. It’s a group of people who live what they say they believe. Worshipping Jesus, loving each other and caring for their community. In other words, a healthy church.

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Karl is the author of four books and has been in pastoral ministry for almost 40 years. He is the teaching pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a healthy small church in Orange County, California, where he has ministered for over 27 years with his wife, Shelley. Karl’s heart is to help pastors of small churches find the resources to lead well and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church. Karl produces resources for Helping Small Churches Thrive at KarlVaters.com, and has created S.P.A.R.K. Online (Small-Church Pastors Adapt & Recover Kit), which is updated regularly with new resources to help small churches deal with issues related to the COVID-19 crisis and aftermath.