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Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing—With One Condition

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Some people have written off the current generation spiritually. That is a mistake—for the church and for the Millennials. There’s growing evidence that this new generation will bring the greatest opportunity for Small Church ministry in 2,000 years.

Advantages of a Small Church

Why? Because, as the first generation with a majority born and raised outside traditional marriage, genuine relationships and intimate worship—what Small Churches do best—will matter more to them than it did to their parents.

But this opportunity comes with one, big condition.

They won’t give up quality to gain intimacy.

And they shouldn’t have to.

They’re Checking Us Out—What Will They Find?

Millennials are discovering they have the same needs people have always had. Needs that include a desire to worship something or someone bigger than themselves, and to do so with others who have similar feelings.

In other words, church.

But they will not be drawn to the kinds of churches their parents built. They won’t want a big Sunday morning stage show as much as they’ll want genuine intimacy and relationships.

Because of this need, Millennials are starting to take a peek at what Small Churches have to offer. But they’re used to a high-quality experience in everything, and they won’t settle for less.

Thankfully, that’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

Quality = Health

Small doesn’t mean cheap, shoddy, lazy or low-quality. At least it shouldn’t.