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How God Brought Jessica Clancy Through Trauma and Abuse to a Place of Spiritual Renewal

I hope for softened hearts, that others who haven’t experienced trauma or hurt will have their eyes and hearts opened to see the needs in others. In doing so, my prayer is they will grow a deep sense of empathy while sharing more kindness and patience. You never know what people have experienced in their pasts or what giants they are currently facing. 

Cherish the importance of family and tradition. We are all made for community, connection, and a desire to belong. Start with your own family and be mindful and present, pouring into the loved ones around you. If you don’t have a typical family unit, create one. Seek to build family connections with those in your local church, community, workplace, neighborhood, and other spheres of life. Love those around you by pouring into their lives and allowing others to pour into your life. By doing so, we can fulfill the fundamental need of belongingness and acceptance.  

Finally, my prayer is to lead people to Christ through my story. For those who have church, marriage, or family hurt, I pray they will discover their own buried pain and find forgiveness and healing through Jesus. I hope to challenge people to take the lead in how we treat others. Our actions impact our world, either leaving a positive or negative imprint. Which will you choose?