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Francis Chan Calls Out Christians Who’d Rather Talk About “Spiritual Things” Than Money

Francis Chan asks the question “Why are we afraid of being generous?” in the following video. Chan reminds us we can’t be too generous in God’s Kingdom.

“If you’re a lover of God, you’re going to be a lover of the poor,” Chan says.

There are 3 reasons Chan gives for why we don’t have to be afraid to be generous when helping the poor:

– We’re not going to starve to death in America
– Jesus promises we won’t suffer from our generosity as long as we’re seeking the Kingdom first.
– Hypothetically speaking, if you were to give away everything and literally starve to death, wouldn’t that be a great way to come into the presence of God?

Chan also shares the story of giving away the proceeds for one of his books when it started taking off. He decided he was more afraid of accumulating too much stuff than he was of possibly going without something.

Chan concludes the video with an intriguing thought that will probably sound a little counterintuitive to us who are accustomed to meeting in big church buildings. Chan asks us to imagine the message it would communicate if, instead of meeting every week in the comfort of a church building, a group of believers gathered in an open field (rain or shine) to meet and worship God together.