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The ‘Very Disturbing’ Stories Told in the Book of Judges Give a ‘Sobering Explanation of the Human Condition’

The 'Very Disturbing' Stories Told in the Book of Judges Give a 'Sobering Explanation of the Human Condition'

No matter where we are on the political spectrum, there is one point of agreement: We need good leaders. Whether in the church or government, good leaders can help a culture thrive or contribute to its downfall. Thankfully, God is sovereign over it all and His ultimate plan will not be thwarted. The Old Testament book of Judges displays a revolving door of Israelite leaders and God’s sustaining of the Israelite nation in the midst of it. The following video by the Bible Project provides an overview of this very relevant book.

One of the main themes of Judges tells of Israel’s failure to honor God by keeping His commandments. This Old Testament book is named after the tribal leaders that guided the Israelites between the death of Joshua and before their first king, Saul. Sadly, the book of tells a tale of spiritual and moral depravity among God’s people. Their sinfulness was so extensive that they were no different than the surrounding nations.

Chapters 1 and 2 of Judges describe the Israelite’s failure in driving out the Canaanites. Chapters 3 through 14 expose the foul corruption of the Israelite judges. Chapters 17 through 21 continue the disturbing news by describing the corruption of Israel as a whole. It can get downright depressing. The book does contain glimpses of hope, but really reminds us as readers and doers of God’s word that sin will always produce a personal and cultural disintegration. Watch the video for more details.

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