Celibacy Fulfills God’s Design for Sexuality as Much as Marriage Does

In the crossfire between the Christian view of marriage and sexual activity outside of God’s design is the expression of celibacy.  Choosing to abstain from sexual intimacy is difficult, but it is possible and actually preferable in certain situations.

Sam Allberry, a pastor and a person who has chosen celibacy, has something intriguing to say about the topic:

“You can fulfill your sexuality without necessarily satisfying your sexual desires.”

Allberry reminds us that God made us as sexual beings for a reason and not just for our own gratification or pleasure. These desires serve to point us to our ultimate consummation, which is our relationship with Jesus. This is especially important for those who are single or celibate where it may be easy to think that their sexuality is being wasted. Our culture has practically deified sexuality and sexual brokenness consequently runs rampant. Let us never forget that Jesus is the point and not our sexual expression.