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The Church’s Vital Role in Discipling Children

What Is the Role of the Church in Discipling Kids?

While parents are given the primary responsibility of discipling their children, it takes the community of believers as a whole to faithfully make disciples of the next generation.

Posted by The Village Church on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Growing in the likeness of Christ is a community project. Christians may stand in judgment alone, but we will not arrive there alone. The Scriptures simply do not advocate people growing in conformity to Jesus all by themselves. We need the influence of others in order to mature in our faith, and this especially true for children.

How does the church play a role in helping children see the greatness of Jesus in all aspects of their lives? This video produced by the Village Church offers a vision for how this important process can work. Alongside age specific ministries for people of all ages, the Village Church encourages us to see the implicit ways a church can serve children.

The role of the church is to come along side parents by providing encouragement, support, accountability, prayer, and bearing with parents as they go through the inevitable hard seasons of parenting. The church also celebrates with parents when the work of God becomes more fully known in the lives of their children. We can also forget that there are many children who are spiritual orphans with no believing parents or guardians. In these situations, the church can fill the gap and provide the spiritual nurturing that child or adolescent needs.

As you watch this video, you may ask whether your church has an intentional strategy for discipling children.