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Michelle Qureshi Shares Her Curious Dream

Michelle Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi was a brilliant speaker and apologist. He is best known for his dramatic conversion to Christianity via conversations with a friend and a dream. Now, Nabeel’s widow, Michelle, shares a dream she had after her husband’s passing.

In order to understand the dream, we must have some background. Prior to her marrying Nabeel, Michelle served in the U.S. Coast Guard, on the honor guard. Part of her duties involved recruiting new members for the honor guard from a nearby Coast Guard training facility.

In her dream, Michelle was speaking to recruits and telling them they were inherently valuable. She explains she was eager to share with them the source of this value, however, she knew she needed wisdom to adhere to the military’s rules concerning proselytization. “I believed I had a plan for sharing the Gospel without overstepping my boundaries,” Michelle shares.

Michelle summarizes some specifics of what she learned from the dream. Like she told the recruits, Michelle was struck by the importance of identity. We have inherent value because we are God’s children. This fact should bring us a humble confidence that is not grounded in ourselves, but in God.

Grounded in Truth

“I’m seen. I’m known. I’m heard. I’m loved and delighted in,” Michelle explains. These are great things to feel, she says, but unless they’re true, they only remain only that: Feelings. Thankfully, these truths about our identity are found in Scripture, which Michelle shows:

Matthew 10:30 – I am seen.
Psalm 145:18 – I am heard.
Psalm 139 – I am known.
Romans 8:38+39 – I am loved.
Psalm 147:11 – I am delighted in.

“Knowing your identity also gives you freedom,” Michelle says. When you know who you are, the Christian life becomes less about performing to certain standards and more about “stepping into the identity of being a dearly loved and highly favored child of God.” Part of the Christian life is learning to hear God’s voice and follow it. Michelle says, “that won’t necessarily look like what many might perceive to be the ‘good Christian way of doing things.’”

To hear Michelle’s comments in full, check out the video below.

After her husband’s passing, Michelle released another video in which she said “I am committed to ensuring the continuation of Nabeel’s ministry.”  It certainly appears she is doing what she can to help others understand their role in God’s Kingdom.