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Andrew Stanley’s Sermon is a Joke. Literally

Decatur City Church, not far from Atlanta, bills itself as a different kind of church. Here’s proof. The current series is titled, “You’re Life’s a Joke.”  It’s a cross between stand-up comedy at a comedy club and Sunday morning worship.

Last week’s speaker–Andrew Stanley, son of Andy Stanley and grandson of Charles Stanley.

In last week’s gig, Andrew, who has appeared at several comedy clubs around Georgia, tells the audience “I’m brought to you by nepotism,” which isn’t inaccurate. Decatur City Church is one of the many campuses of North Point Ministries—his dad’s church.

The jokes about growing up in a famous family didn’t stop there.  Andrew says he’s often asked “what’s it like growing up growing up as Andy Stanley’s son?”  He tells them, “I was really fortunate to grow up in a house with one of the most influential Christian leaders of a generation…his words.”

Andrew has been doing stand-up for about two years, which he calls “a really fun way to disappoint my grandfather.”

Apparently, Charles always hoped one of his grandchildren would continue in “the family business” of pastoring a church but Andrew quips, “stand-up comedy is so close.”

The remainder of Andrew’s routine is poking fun at his homeschool, preacher’s kid upbringing, the reason he “appears nervous on stage”, being single, and church mission trips.  He chided his generation for turning mission trips into an opportunity to get selfies with the locals and questioned the resolve of sorority girls who go on well-digging mission trips in Africa and manage to send back selfies with perfect makeup.  He jokes, they likely didn’t #MakeADifference.

It appears Andy is fully behind his son’s career choice. In promoting the series on twitter Andy tweeted, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. But apparently the tree was planted on a hill. @AndrewWStanley opens @decaturcity…”

No tweets yet from Charles.