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Jack Brewer: Racism Is a Spiritual Enemy, Not a Physical One

Jack Brewer, a former safety for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, spoke to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about the protests that turned into riots in some U.S. cities this weekend. 

“It’s emotionally draining to write this often about unarmed black men losing their life at the hands of evil individuals…it’s even more draining to watch polarization and identity politics being used to divide us following a brother or sister’s tragic loss of life. This is definitely a war—I just hope we keep our eye on the actual enemy,” Brewer wrote in an op-ed for Fox News on Friday.

The real enemy, according to Brewer, is evil itself, or Satan. “We live in a world where Satan drives racism.” As Brewer sees it, the fight against racism isn’t one “of the flesh” but rather a spiritual battle. 

We won’t solve the problem by “blaming it on President Trump, blaming it on the mayor, blaming it on the governor,” Brewer explains. Rather, what he thinks we need to do instead of looking for a politician to blame is to repent. “Our country has a long history of oppression toward black people, of a police culture that has not been very good.” 

Brewer believes most Americans agree on the need to address racial injustice and police misconduct. In fact, Brewer says he’s spoken to people across the country, including police officers, who agree that George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police was “a horrible thing.” This tragedy of Floyd’s death should have united us, but Brewer believes “we can’t get away from identity politics long enough to address “the sick and evil enemy of racism.”

Brewer also brought up the Atlanta riot, which occurred in a city where “there is so much prosperity for African Americans and that’s so rich in history.” Brewer believes the act of rioting in Atlanta is akin to “fighting this [spiritual enemy] physically. It’s fighting it in the flesh.” Brewer also likened the rioting to making all white cops feel like they’re evil. “There are men and women of God that are going out there fighting and scratching to protect and serve their communities. We can’t let something that one or two percent of people are doing and let that become the reality for the entire country. That’s just not true.”

Although Brewer emphasized we cannot fight against racism in a physical or fleshly way, he indicated he has hope for Americans to get through this current season of unrest. “I think as a nation we can come together and win this war against evil.”