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Daniel Fusco: How to Transition Leadership and Still Grow

Daniel Fusco

Daniel Fusco is a pastor, writer and musician.  He came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in April of 1998 while he was in his last year at Rutgers University. Daniel’s passion for the lost keeps him playing music and drinking coffee in and around Portland, Oregon. where he is able to minister outside the four walls of his church, Crossroads Community.

Key Questions:

Tell us about the transition process from a longtime pastor to a young pastor.

What was it like to replace a longtime pastor?

How does everyone live upward, inward and outward

What are you doing outside the church to connect with people?

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Key Quotes:

“Ministry is a process. Whatever we think we know gets challenged everyday.”

“If you’re awkward in starting a conversation, the conversation will be awkward. Plan a couple of questions to get the conversation started.”

“I teach a gospel with teeth on it.”

“We want Crossroads to be a place where people can belong before they become a Christian.”

“I do a two-minute video on social media. I call it chumming the water.”

“Don’t get your eyes on the culture, get them on the Lord.”

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