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Francis Chan: This Is the Question Your Church Needs to Ask

Francis Chan

Francis Chan is a pastor, speaker and best-selling author. God used the death of his parents early in childhood, to give Francis a deep understanding of the brevity of life. This has shaped his life and teaching with an eternal perspective, as he continues to challenge believers to live on mission, willing to surrender everything.

Key Questions for Francis Chan:

– What did you experience during your time in Asia that impacted you the most?
– How have you experienced intimacy with God while in community?

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Key Quotes from Francis Chan:

“You know how when you’re around someone, you can tell by their actions and words that they know Jesus. It’s convicting…it was like that in Asia and I wanted to change my life.”

“What I tried to write in my book is something that’s not biblically obvious.”

“The two questions I ask myself before I speak are 1) am I most concerned about pleasing God or the people and 2) do I genuinely love these people.”

“There are times when I sense the presence of God with us in a deeper way…when we get together we fire each other up.’

“When I understand the church biblically, it makes sense that the more of us that gather to pursue him the more of Him we’ll experience.”

“There are those who are seeking after Him so much and they really love him….they just love the presence of God. There are other circles of people who aren’t.”

“God wants believers to cause other believers to love him more. I’m not hearing many leaders talking about how much that love God.”

“Are we producing lovers of Jesus and each other so much that the world notices?”

“We’re not asking, ‘what would please God most?’ That question has a huge cost to it.”

“When Jesus says you can do the things he does, you need to stop looking in the mirror and into scripture.”

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