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Thom Rainer: How Relational Is Your Church?

Thom Rainer talks about church growth and specifically growing by making your church a friendly church. Rainer is president and CEO of Lifeway Resources

Thom Rainer is a writer, researcher, speaker, and current president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Key Questions for Thom Rainer:

– Why don’t pastors realize how unwelcoming their churches are?
– What are some of the most common reasons why guests don’t return to a church?
– What do guests like to see when they visit a church?
– Can a church be too friendly?

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Key Quotes from Thom Rainer:

“Guests often say this is a friendly church if you know each other…it’s the holy huddle.”

“Friendliness takes an overt effort and even if you think your church is friendly you probably aren’t to guests.”

“Every year I would bring on at least two mystery guests…in order to see with our eyes wide open what others think of us.”

“The church’s website is now the front door…you need to think of the guest’s perspective (when designing it).”

“First opinion of visitors is website, second is when they get on site, third is when they sit down.”

“If there is a consistent issue that prevents people from coming back, it’s the relational issue.”

“If you win the parents, you are almost certain of winning the entire family and get them to come back.”

“A significant number of people like their personal space. If everyone is saying welcome to church with no emotion, it can be overkill.”

“Ask yourself, how do you like to be engaged? That’s how you should engage guests.”

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