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Steve and Jackie Green: Inviting All People to Engage With the Bible

Steve and Jackie Green

Steve and Jackie Green are the founders and visionaries of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., and offer their unique perspective on the Bible’s history and impact.  They co-authored a book about the Bible titled, This Dangerous Book. Steve is also president of Hobby Lobby.

Key Questions:

How did God give you a vision for a Bible museum?

What have you learned about dealing with criticism?

What’s your favorite artifact from the Bible museum?

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Key Quotes:

“I don’t know how many times I said to God, ‘Don’t you have someone better qualified to do this?’” – Jackie Green

“The Bible is a book that is loved and hated, it’s controversial. Because of that there are those who will take any misstep you make and try to run with it.” – Steve Green

“There’s value in listening to your critics, that’s when you learn and improve…but in some cases there is constructive criticism that is meant to harm and hurt.  You strive to know what is helpful and what you throw out.” – Steve Green

“We’re not qualified for this but God is qualified. He equips those that he calls.” – Jackie Green

“There are struggles and challenges and set backs but when you know that you are following where God is directing then it gives you courage to keep going.” – Steve Green

“The mission for Museum of the Bible is to invite all people to engage with the Bible.” – Steve Green

“We just want to point people to be intrigued and to look at the Bible and want to know more about it and to engage with it.” – Jackie Green

“When you understand how this book has impacted our world, the incredible story it tells and the history, it just makes you have such a great appreciation for the book that we all love and cherish.” – Steve Green

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