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Allen White: Finding Ways to Make Small Groups Work

Allen White

Allen White has devoted the last 25+ years to helping people find Christ, make meaningful connections, grow in their faith, and find fulfillment in ministry. He has successfully launched hundreds of groups at two churches as the Associate Pastor: New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA for 15 years and Brookwood Church, Simpsonville, SC for 4 years.

Key Questions for Allen White:

– How have small groups changed over the years?
– Should all churches have small groups?

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Key Quotes from Allen White:

“Small groups are skewing smaller. Instead of 10 or 12, we’re seeing a lot more groups of 6 to 8 people.”

“The big issue we face is time and priority and what you want to devote yourself to.”

“We have the word of God and the word directs us in how to live….and yet we struggle to change.”

“If the relational component is not there in a group it will be hard for the group to gel…for the long term it doesn’t work.”

“People who don’t have time for a group always have time for their friends. Structure small groups around friendships.”

“In absence of a coaching structure, everything goes back to the pastor, they’re busy people.”

“Most groups will last from 18 months to 2 years.”

“When a member of the group is struggling, is the group still there to bring them back to God?”

“For most groups, if they don’t continue to grow, they aren’t going to last very long.”

“It’s uncomfortable to make space for a new person…but there’s something about a group going outside itself that makes it a little more Christlike.”

“I’m in favor of all kinds of groups because it gives us a chance to have connection beyond the weekend service.”

“There is no one strategy that will connect all your people into groups.”

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