Peter Greer: Stop Comparing Your Ministry to Others

Peter Greer

Peter Greer is a Christian advocate for those living in poverty, an author, and the president and CEO of HOPE International, a global faith-based microfinance organization based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Key Questions for Peter Greer:

– Why do pastors feel a need to compete with other ministries?
How do churches with differing views collaborate?

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Key Quotes from Peter Greer:

“This idea of comparison is toxic to the broader impact that we’re supposed to have when we no longer see others as rivals and competitors but as friends and allies that we’re going to be spending all eternity with.”

“If a group of churches said, ‘instead of just a vision for our church, what if we looked at a vision for the whole city’, what an impact they would make.”

“I really do believe we could do so much more if we’d stop trying to create something new and looking instead at who’s already doing that work and taking part.”

“Every pastor is not just compared to pastors in other areas but to those on podcasts and social media….a huge challenge today is comparison that the Bible tells us ‘rots the bones.’”

“Part of getting freedom from envy is to celebrate others and find contentment with what God has given us.”

“When we admit that we need each other, that we don’t have it all together…that’s where the good stuff of relationship comes from.”

“Pastors need a kingdom over clan approach where we celebrate the success of others rather than be disappointed at our setbacks.”

“We need a theology that says everything we have is a gift, how could we not share it with others.”

“Don’t lose sight of the impact you have, not just on the people in your church, but with the people closest to you.”

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