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Brent Crowe: When You Live and Lead With Regret

Brent Crowe

Brent Crowe is the Vice President for Student Leadership University, a program that has trained over one hundred and fifty thousand students to commit themselves to excellence. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and two masters degrees, a Masters of Divinity in Evangelism and a Masters of Arts in Ethics, from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brent and his wife, Christina, have three children and live in Florida.

Key Questions for Brent Crowe

– You work with young people. What should leaders know about Gen Z’s characteristics?

– A lot of us leaders can look to the Apostle Paul, the leader of leaders in the early church, and feel we can’t relate. How do we humanize him?

– What can we learn from regret?

Key Quotes from Brent Crowe

“We’ve just recently gone through a generational shift.”

“I affectionately refer to Gen Z as the Toy Story generation.”

“The Millennials were one of the most fiscally irresponsible generations ever to exist, but Generation Z, we’re finding, is one of the most fiscally responsible generations ever to exist.”

“One thing that excites me about this generation…is what social scientists refer to as brand loyalty…There’s a stick-to-it-ness with this generation. They’re not looking to be like Millennials who like to associate with a hundred different brands at any given time.”

“[Gen Z] is committed to less things, but they’re committed to things on a deeper level. That’s very exciting if you’re making disciples.”

“Not that any generation is better than another, but this generation has a different appetite for longevity.”

“There’s never been a life lived that didn’t have regrets. There’s never been a life lived that didn’t fail on some level or another.”

“So many of us in Western context, as ministry leaders, we don’t give ourselves permission or a space in the paradigm of ministry leaders to fail.”

“There is a type of failure that attempts something that is consistent with God’s desired will and yet comes up short or doesn’t work out the way we thought it would. This is the type of failure that God doesn’t look at and go… ‘You’ve failed and you’ve sinned’… Number one I think it pleases him. Number two, I think he views it through the lens of sanctification and we’re being built up in the faith when we attempt things for God’s glory.”

“Fear detracts, it takes away from what it means to be fully human, following Jesus with this pilgrimage and this life that he’s given us.”

“I wonder how many of us (ministry leaders) have had our futures robbed by fear.”

“When I understand that I am free, it expands my capacity and it unleashes my imagination.”

“I think most ministry leaders would benefit greatly from counseling.”

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