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Drew Dyck: How to Do Your Future Self a Favor

Drew Dyck

Drew Dyck is an acquisitions editor at Moody Publishers and a contributing editor at CTPastors.com. Drew grew up a pastor’s kid with a pull toward writing. He’s written a hand full of books including Your Future Self Will Thank You. Drew and his wife, Grace, live in Portland, Oregon with their son, Athanasius, and daughter Mary.

Key Questions for Drew Dyck

– To many of us, self-control feels like a potentially legalistic practice, but you write about self-control being a means toward freedom. How does self-control lead to freedom?

– Why do we need to understand both the science and the spirituality of self-control?

– Can you talk to us about the relationship between sin and self-control? Grace and self-control?

Key Quotes from Drew Dyck

“The stakes are higher when you’re in leadership.”

“In the Scriptural sense… self-control is essential to the life of the Christian.

“Often we have this sort of ‘let go and let God’ mentality when it comes to our sanctification that is actually dangerous and unscriptural. This idea that passivity equals spirituality and we’re going to sit back and enjoy this pleasure cruise toward holiness…well that may be a popular sentiment in evangelical circles, unfortunately, but that’s not reflective in Scripture.”

“While you can’t ‘bootstrap’ your way toward holiness, there’s a role for human effort, which I think we can’t dismiss so quickly.”

“We’re pretty good at conveying information to people…But often, what I’ve found in my own life, is my knowledge of God is way up here in the stratosphere (not that I’m like N.T Wright or something, but I’ve done a lot of study and read a lot of theology), but then my actual behaviors and my life is not reflecting what I know. There’s this dangerous gap. Often what’s happening there is a lack of self-control.”

“Willpower–the emotional energy to do hard things–is a finite resource. It runs out; it’s exhaustible and it runs out rather quickly. Study after study has shown that to be true.”

“You want to conserve willpower. So, if you know you’re headed into a difficult situation, or temptation, or a busy time of ministry, make sure you go in refreshed. Don’t try to do something incredibly difficult beforehand.”

“Your willpower can grow as you do hard things.”

“Prayer has been shown in study after study to mitigate against the depletion of willpower. It’s remarkable.”

“Church leaders, if they’re not careful, can get to the place where the only time you’re opening the Bible is to teach it. The only time you are praying is in public. That’s dangerous. That will hollow out your soul.”

“It’s those tiny little decisions that you make every day, day in and day out, that end up defining your life. And it can add up to a life of sin and laziness or it can add up to a life that’s characterized by freedom and flourishing.”

“So many church leaders get stuck because of guilt.”

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