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Christopher Yuan: If We Don’t Redeem Singleness, We’re Not Ready to Talk About Homosexuality

“God only lays out two paths for us to live. Either if you’re single, be sexually abstinent. Or if you’re married [according to the biblical definition], then you’re going to be faithful to your spouse of the opposite sex.”

“I think we need to realize that we cannot view marriage as the ultimate expression of love…marriage does not have a monopoly on love.” 

“The church has treated marriage as better than singleness, and yet we forget that our perfect Savior, Jesus, was single, and he was not an immature man, he was not trying to shed responsibility.”

“We shouldn’t think that marriage is what provides a person to be mature or whole.”

“We’re not ready to address this issue of homosexuality or even sexual brokenness until we first redeem biblical singleness.”

“The important question [when counseling someone who is same-sex attracted] is: Is this person really surrendered to Christ?”

“I don’t ever use the word ‘celibacy’…because it’s associated with a lifelong, chosen vocation, and I simply don’t find that in scripture…but singleness is, and I want to tell people, ‘Do not plan out your future.’ You’re called to be single today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring.”

“Even men who have opposite-sex attractions think, ‘If I just get married, that will be the cure for my porn struggle,’ and the answer is ‘absolutely not.’”

“If a person is struggling with heroin, do we have to actually shoot up with heroin to help another heroin addict? If a person is looking at pornography, do we actually have to struggle with pornography if we’re going to help that person? …for some reason, with this particular sin, we think we have to actually struggle with it ourselves to help that person.”

“If we are a follower of Christ and if we have ever had victory over our own sin, we can help another sinner.” 

“Although I completely disagree that conversion therapy is actually causing harm…we need to see if it is a biblical response. The problem is that it is diagnosing [same-sex attraction] incorrectly. In other words, it’s diagnosing this as a disease…and it comes purely from Sigmund Freud.”

“If sin is the problem, that means Christ is the answer.”

Mentioned in the Show by Christopher Yuan

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Mark 10
Rom. 2:4
Rom. 5

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Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God. A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope.
Obergefell v. Hodges [Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage]

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