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Mark Mittelberg: Why You Don’t Have to Dread Evangelism

“We’re not trying to limit you to one of these styles. I think we can all do at least one of these, but we’re not saying, stay in your lane. We’re saying as many of these lanes as you can run in, run, but I bet you can do at least one.”

“Here’s what I love about ‘selfless serving’: it reaches the hardest to reach people. Because lovingly serving someone in a way that is selfless helps bring down the walls.”

“I was a church kid that wavered through high school. I mean, it’s nothing exciting or dramatic, but there’s a whole lot of church kids that wavered through high school or through some point in their life. And so God will use my ordinary story.”

“Most effective evangelism is a team effort.”

“The flip side of every strength is a weakness…for instance, the direct, hard-hitting truth telling style, the cautions on that one is don’t project that on everyone else.”

“Don’t force your style or impose it on the people in your church or the people you influence.”

“Sometimes we go to the extreme of I’m going to lay back and just do the friendship part of friendship evangelism. Other people do the other extreme of it’s a project…I think both of those are dangers.”

“Jesus did that. He said he came to seek and to save that which was lost, namely, us.”

“We need to do some training. We need to get prepared…a lot of what helps remove fear is preparation.”

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Act 17
John 9
1 Peter 3:15
Romans 8:28

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