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Brian Tome: What It Was Like to Pastor Through the ‘Worst Season of Discouragement’ in 25 Years

“God has called everybody to a spiritual adventure. God has a calling for people. And if we can be the church, not where you come to get the best preaching and teaching that we will try to be that. But if we could be the place where we go to you or you come to us to get the tools that you need for your spiritual adventure, that’s something that would excite us and that’s something we think God would bless.”

“We know biblical heroes in the Bible again and again are going through a desert. They haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just a dry, dry time where they’re wondering, ‘Where is God?’ you know? So I was in a desert and then I came out of that. But then I was just tired, just worn out.”

“It’s been the worst season of discouragement for me in twenty five, twenty six years of Crossroads.”

“One of the things the shepherd does is he doesn’t wander the sheep around till they just find grass. The shepherd takes sheep where he knows grass will be, and that tends to be where he recently has been. So I knew my thing was indicative of where a bunch of people were, so I wanted to immediately tell people what I’ve been through and help them while they went through their desert.”

“You can go through a desert and not lose your faith and still be used by God, even though you don’t feel like you’re being used by God.”

“If you’re only going to follow God, when you’re feeling it, I’m sorry, you’re not going to follow God very often.”

“I feel God, but I’m just looking at all the signs and the signs just look bad. Attendance looks bad. The emails I get look bad. The people who I thought were in my corner no matter what, they’re not. That looks bad. It’s. And so what I’m doing right now is I’m looking at things in the Bible as reason for hope.”

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