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Lance Witt: How to Handle the ‘Toughest Moment to Navigate Leadership in the Local Church’

“Jesus really got that next set of instruction in that quiet place, not in that place of noise. And it was in that quiet place where God gave him instruction. And I wonder sometimes if we have such a hard time discerning the voice of God in our lives because there’s just so much noise.”

“There’s no switch that you flip and all of a sudden you go from being, you know, just compulsively busy with a doing personality and all of a sudden you’re this deep, reflective being kind of person…I think it’s important to realize this is a journey.”

“One of the things I think is a problem in the self-care world has been that sometimes is seen as an end in itself rather than, I want to have a healthy soul so that I could actually be on mission.”

“Really evaluate your life and your key relationships. And then I would say get really granular about making some changes in your daily life and daily rhythm.”

Mentioned in the Show

Deuteronomy 30
Mark 1
2 Peter
Proverbs 4:23
1 Thessalonians 4

Replenish Ministries
Your One Life” by Lance Witt

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