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Robert Wolgemuth: How Pastors Can Minister to Men Facing the End of Their Lives

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Photo courtesy of Robert Wolgemuth

Robert Wolgemuth is a former president of Thomas Nelson Publishers and the founder of Wolgemuth & Associates, a literary agency exclusively representing the writing work of more than 100 well-known, Christian authors. He is also a speaker and best-selling author who has written over 20 books. His latest is “Gun Lap: Staying in the Race with Purpose.”

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Key Questions for Robert Wolgemuth

-What is a “gun lap,” and what are the specific challenges that men face in their gun lap phase of life?

-How can men finish well despite the regrets and even past failures they see in their lives? 

-What challenges do you think church leaders and pastors face when it comes to running their gun laps?

-Can you help pastors think through how to relate to members who are in their gun lap? How do you effectively befriend, minister to and walk alongside them?

Key Quotes From Robert Wolgemuth

“When the lead runner starts lap number eight, his last lap, the starter fires the gun again. And that’s the gun lap…I’m running my last lap. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but that’s what I’m doing.”

“When I moved to Michigan, when I married Nancy Leigh DeMoss, first thing I said is, ‘I want to build a deck on the back of our house.’ She had one, but it was too small, so I built a deck. Now, that was six years ago, and I’m going to tell you…I could not do that again.”

“You become more and more aware as the years go by of your own mortality. And it’s really easy to get discouraged.”

“What do you do when you forget somebody’s name or forget a place where you were or you find yourself repeating yourself? You can be really embarrassed by that. And what do men my age often do? They withdraw.”

“A brilliant man about my age said, “I wake up every morning and wonder why I’m alive. My health is failing. I have no job. No one needs me. I have no reason to live.” Now, you say that’s a really dramatic thing. I mean, that’d be a rare thing. No, not necessarily. Because a man gets payoff from what he accomplishes, what he does.”